Title: Toby / Dimensions: 10″W x 7″H / Medium: Watercolor

Toby is my oldest living first generation cat, which means he was rescued from Los Banos where I went to college for my veterinary degree. Toby is so smart that he learned to open the windows to let himself out of the house whenever he pleases, and he started all the other cats on doing the same as well. Thankfully, our neighborhood is relatively safe for them to be wandering around outside, and they are all neutered and spayed.

Some Christmases ago, Toby leapt into our Christmas tree and toppled the entire thing, smashing decorations in the process. We’ve never put up a tree since *sigh*.

You can’t have nice things when you live with cats. But their antics and their affection (sporadic as it may come at times) makes it all worth it.