VIDEO: A timelapse video of me painting MANDA.

Fur-mom Hanneke says of MANDA: “Manda was adopted twice. The first time, when she walked right into my arms after being thrown off a motorbike in a dirty old plastic bag some 10 meters in front of my car. I managed to stop just in time. There was no hesitation on Manda’s side. She crawled out of that plastic bag, looked around, saw me, walked straight towards me and started purring. I brought her home.

The second time was a few days later when our other adopted cat Timber decided to take Manda under her motherly wings and show her the ropes of life in the hills of San Mateo. The two became inseparable until Timber died of a snake bite. Manda has been with us for more than four years now and she has three other adopted companions. I think we both took a good decision that day on the bridge.”

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