Hi there! I’m Mary Rose Magpily – Marose or Rose for short. I’m a self-taught artist living in the Philippines.

Art was just a hobby for most of my life, given time during stolen moments in between supposedly “more stable” pursuits. My growth as a creative person, consequently, has been slow and often halting. So I find myself not far from the beginning of my journey, even though I’ve been on it for some time. Still I carry on, pursuing my art career with more seriousness now, while continuing my work as a veterinarian and dog training instructor.

To share more about me: Aside from being an artist and vet, I am also a rescue mom to a bunch of cats and dogs who are often the subject of my drawings and paintings. Writing, crafts and video editing are some of my other interests. But basically anything that challenges my creativity is something I am likely to dabble in at one point or another. I also like to share and teach about the things I’ve learned about art, the art business and life in general. So – while my art is central here – you may discover a wide variety of topics covered in my blogs and videos, which you will hopefully find interesting and useful.

I invite you to join me as I continue to learn and grow in my artistic pursuits, and may you also discover here inspiration for your own creative endeavors.

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