• January Update
    It’s been a while since my last entry here. The last few weeks of my chemotherapy were quite difficult and exhausting. Heading into the week of what was … Read more
  • Backyard Birds in Ink-and-Wash
    These days, one of my favorite things to do when walking around our neighborhood is to spot different wild birds. I also attempt to photograph them with my … Read more
  • A Christmas Gift for Your Pet-Obsessed Friend!
    PET PORTRAIT Christmas Gift Card – NOW AVAILABLE! Looking for a Christmas gift for that pet parent friend or family member of yours? Consider surprising them with a … Read more
  • Art Survives Chemo
    My current project is to document – through ink-and-wash paintings – some backyard wild birds I have seen over the past years. Birdwatching, like art, is quite therapeutic, … Read more
  • My 2022 Curveball
    The oncology fellow on duty asked if my doctor had told me what stage of cancer I had. I shrugged and replied, “No.” I was at my first … Read more
  • In the Homestretch
    Mostly, I’ll be glad to have food taste like how food is supposed to taste. I don’t mind so much about the hair being gone really. But, of … Read more