On June 11, 2016 I set a challenge for myself: to complete a 30-day watercolor challenge.

Inspired by what many artists around the internet have done before, the goal was to produce at least one watercolor painting each day for 30 days.

The Reason: While I already had my eye on a 12 or 18 tube set of Holbein Watercolors (great reviews on YouTube and reasonably priced at Deovir Art Supplies), I wanted to prove to myself that this fascination with watercolors that I had recently developed was not just a passing fancy as some of my ventures into other art media have been. So I decided that I would earn my first artist grade watercolor paints as a birthday present to myself IF and only IF I completed this challenge. 

To help me stay committed and to make sure that I aimed for some quality in my paintings and that they are at least share-worthy, I also posted a picture of each painting on my Instagram account.

Here is the result of my 30 Day Watercolor Challenge:

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In my next post, I review the materials that I used for the challenge and share what I learned in the past 30 days.