About the 2019 Pet Portrait Calendar Project:

Hi! I’m Marose, an artist from the Philippines and also a veterinarian/dog trainer and owner of Pet Centrics. I’m a fur mom to one adopted shelter dog and nine rescued cats. 

Some time last year (2017), I ran a giveaway for pet portraits and was thinking of doing a similar promo on my art website this year (2018). But as inspiration struck, I thought instead of collaborating with friends and friends of friends who are also rescue pet parents. I invited them to submit photos of their rescued/adopted pets, of which I chose 12 to paint and that I would feature in a 2019 Calendar.

On top of gifting the selected pet parents / rescuers with the finished 5”x7” pet portrait as a thank you for their devotion to their adopted/rescued pet, I also decided to eventually sell the calendars and donate all proceeds to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) (the animal shelter selected through a popular vote run on this website). In addition, by celebrating pet adoption/rescue stories, I’m also hoping to encourage more people to open their homes to pets in need of adoption.

For myself, I am happy to just be able to get my art out there and create awareness for the artwork that I do. And as a bonus, this project allows me to merge my two great loves which is art and animals!

I thank all of you who showed their appreciation and supported this labor of love.

As of January 16, I have turned over the collected funds – a total of 70,000PHP – to the Philippines Animal Welfare Society. And am happy to declare that the calendars – a total of 600 printed copies – are SOLD OUT and that this project has been an amazing and personally fulfilling success. 

The 12 Pet Portraits featured in the 2019 MRM Art Calendar